CTMH Doctors Hospital now offers integrated spine care, right here in George Town.  If you or a loved one suffer from leg pain, back pain, sciatica, arm or neck pain, or any number of spinal conditions, we invite you to make an appointment.


Until now, many patients traveled to the United States for complex spine surgery.  Advanced, US-based, fellowship-trained spine surgeons now travel to Cayman.  Our teams rotate between their US and Cayman practices on a weekly basis, elevating the standard of care through practice synergies and clinical research.


Additionally, our spine practice offers motion solutions not available in the United States.  Most US providers recommend spinal fusions, largely due to higher insurance reimbursement for the surgeon and hospital.  However, the literature is increasingly negative on fusion outcomes, and many patients worldwide are searching for fusion alternatives.  Our team is united by a practice philosophy that spinal fusion should be the last resort for the vast majority of patients.  Instead, we focus on non-invasive interventions, minimally-invasive surgical decompressions, cervical disc replacement, and lumbar total joint replacement.


When fusion surgery is required, as in the case of certain deformities, gross instabilities, or traumas, we offer the same advance orthopaedic and neurosurgical spine expertise and equipment in our Cayman and US practices.  


Why recover in a hotel room when world-class care is available in your home town?

  • Evidence-based, non-operative treatment options for management of many spinal conditions.

  • Endoscopic and MIS motion-preserving treatment options to relieve leg and back pain, while increasing mobility.

  • Cervical disc replacement for arm and neck pain.

  • Lumbar total joint replacement for leg and back pain.

  • Deformity correction.

  • Compression fractures and geriatric spine care.

  • Core philosophy is that spinal fusion should be avoided at all cost.



Dr. Scott Hodges, DO


Dr. Hodges is a fellowship-trained orthopedic spine surgeon, with dual practices at CTMH Doctors Hospital and Chattanooga Orthopaedic Group in Chattanooga, TN, USA. 

Dr. Craig Humphrey, MD


Dr. Humphreys is a fellowship-trained orthopedic spine surgeon, with dual practices at CTMH Doctors Hospital and Kenai Spine in Anchorage and Soldotna, AK, USA. 

Dr. Marcella Madera, MD


Dr. Mardera is a fellowship-trained neurosurgeon, with dual practices at CTMH Doctors Hospital and Austin Brain and Spine in Austin, TX, USA. 

Dr. Nathan Schatzman, MD


Dr. Schatzman is a fellowship-trained cardiac anesthesiologist, with dual practices at CTMH Doctors Hospital and in Chattanooga, TN, USA.

Marcus James, RN


Marcus James is the first surgical assist to our team, providing highly-skilled technical support to the OR staff.

Dr. Don Duff, FNP, DC


Dr. Duff manages all aspects of patient rehab. He also has dual practices at CTMH Doctors Hospital and in the United States.

Donna Duff, FNP


Donna Duff assists CaymanSpine patients throughout their journey, from travel and logistics to post-operative management.



January 15, 2020

George Town, Grand Cayman

CTMH Doctors Hospital is pleased to announce the acquisition of a 7D Surgical System, the most advanced surgical assist system in the region.

Image guided surgery (IGS) uses images of a patient’s back to guide a surgeon’s placement of implants during surgery. Taken before and during the procedure, these images increase precision and safety over traditional surgery methods.

The 7D Surgical System builds upon the benefits of IGS by eliminating unecesssary intra-operative radiation from the process, instead, using visible light to guide and illuminate.

The use of an IGS system like 7D Surgical System, can improve accuracy and reduce the chances that revision surgeries will be required, providing peace of mind and decreasing time and costs associated with surgery.

Additionally, 7D Surgical’s streamlined workflow and ease of use allows surgeons to focus on the patient, not the equipment in the OR, further reducing the chances of error.



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